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Slip and Fall Accident in Hackensack

If you or a loved one were injured in a store, restaurant, mall or any other privately or publicly owned premises, the Hackensack slip and fall attorneys at The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., can help. Our slip and fall attorneys provide the following:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced in premises liability law
  • Resourceful and committed in our pursuit of justice for clients
  • Committed to making responsible parties provide full and fair compensation for your injuries

Never try to settle a slip and fall claim on your own. The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., represents accident victims on a contingency fee basis. We only get paid a legal fee if we secure compensation for you through an insurance settlement or a jury award.

What Can a Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Do for Me

Victims of slip and fall personal injuries often lack the legal information needed to negotiate with insurance companies. Therefore, insurance companies often try to and succeed in taking advantage of these victims. At The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., our Hackensack slip and fall attorneys know the law surrounding slip and fall accidents and their value.

Our Hackensack personal injury attorneys deal with insurance companies on behalf of clients daily. This allows our clients to focus on their physical recovery. At The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., we do the following:

  • Investigate cases to determine fault
  • Calculate damages
  • Demand a full and fair amount from the liable party
  • Prepare for trial, if necessary
  • Keep our clients informed of case progress at all times

To learn more about The Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., and the services that we offer, call us today. We speak both English and Spanish.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Most slip and fall cases involve a property owner who negligently fails to maintain his or her property and fails to fix or warn visitors about any known property hazards. Property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises free from hazards that could cause harm to others.

Common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Broken stairs
  • Broken or loose handrails
  • Torn or frayed carpeting
  • Loose tiles
  • Spilled liquids
  • Ice
  • Poor lighting
  • Uneven pavement
  • Cluttered walkways

If injured by any property hazard, a victim should do the following:

  • File a report with the property manager or store manager recording the date, time, and the accident specifics.
  • Get a copy of the report.
  • Seek prompt medical attention for any injuries, and inform the doctor how the injuries occurred. The doctor’s report offers a medical record of injuries. Insurance adjusters will rely upon this record when evaluating any claim.
  • Take photos of the accident scene showing the hazard. Photos provide valuable evidence to support a slip and fall personal injury claim. Take these photos before the property owner can repair the hazard.

What Compensation is Available for a Slip and Fall?

Compensation for a slip and fall injury is designed to restore the victim’s, or their family’s, life to how it was before the accident. Although this is often impossible, the ultimate goal is to make sure the victim does not pay for injuries caused by someone else’s negligence.

Types of compensation available in a slip and fall accident include:

In the case of a wrongful death claim, compensation can include funeral and burial costs, final medical expenses, loss of support, and other associated damages.

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