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Car Accident in West New York

A severe car accident can change your life or the life of your loved one instantly. You may be facing the inability to work, temporary or permanent physical disability, and mounting medical and living expenses. If you are unsure about your legal rights or recovering compensation for your losses, call the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., our car accident attorneys will meet with you at no cost and review your car accident claim. We work with car accident victims every day and know the law and how to get you the results you desire. Our car accident attorneys are:

  • Compassionate and available with prompt answers to your legal questions;
  • Successful and respected in the legal community; and
  • Client-focused with your legal goals in mind.

Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C. at your earliest convenience. It is important that we start your claim before evidence disappears and witness recollections begin to fade. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only charge legal fees when we recover compensation on your behalf.

Our West New York Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

Retaining a car accident law firm, like the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., means you have a legal team on your side throughout your car accident claim. The insurance company has a team of adjusters and attorneys working on their behalf, and so should you.

At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., we do more than conduct settlement negotiations with the insurance company. We build a trial-ready car accident case while handling all insurance company correspondence, responding to accident-related creditors, and preserving your legal case.

Our attorneys do the following, and more, on your behalf:

  • Investigate your car accident;
  • Interview witnesses and collect evidence;
  • Hire any needed experts;
  • Review your medical records;
  • Assess your total accident-related losses, both current and future;
  • Calculate an appropriate claim value;
  • Aggressively negotiate with the insurance company(s); and
  • When appropriate, take your case to trial.

Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., to learn more about our full-service law firm. There are no upfront costs or fees for representation, and your case review is complimentary.

Causes of Car Accidents in West New York

Negligence, including human error, recklessness, and distraction, causes most car accidents. One of the most common car accidents caused by negligence is the rear-end accident. A rear-end accident occurs when a vehicle collides with the vehicle located directly ahead.

Distracted driving is the most cited reason for rear-end accidents. Distracted driving includes any of the following and more:

  • Talking on a cellphone;
  • Texting;
  • Carrying on intense conversations;
  • Eating; and
  • Applying cosmetics.

Other types of car accidents include:

  • Head-on collisions;
  • T-bone, or side-impact, crashes;
  • Single-vehicle crashes;
  • Multi-car pile-ups; and
  • Sideswipe collisions.

Of these accidents, head-on collisions and t-bone crashes are the most likely to cause severe injuries and fatalities. Head-on collisions and t-bone crashes are regularly associated with excessive speed and driver intoxication.

The Importance of Accident Documentation

Any car crash has the potential to cause serious injuries or death. All car accident injuries need immediate medical attention whether or not they seem severe at the time. Timely medical care ensures hard to detect injuries, like those to the head and brain, receive treatment before they can worsen.

Visiting a medical provider and attending follow-up appointments also creates valuable documentation for use in any future car accident claim. The more documentation you bring to your car accident consultation, the more accurate advice your attorney can give you as to the value of your claim.

When you attend your free claim review at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., bring along any medical records, police reports, or insurance correspondence you have in your possession. Every car accident is different, and we want to give you the best and most knowledgeable opinion of your claim.

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At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., our car accident attorneys want you fully informed before choosing any legal options available. It is in your best interests to consult with our office before discussing your case with the insurance company or accepting any settlement offer.