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One of the most devastating experiences you may have in your life is losing a loved one. Even worse, learning that the accident which killed your family member or loved one was preventable. If you believe your loved one’s death was caused by intentional or reckless behavior, you have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., we truly care about your financial loss and the emotional devastation you have experienced.

We are here to support you in any way possible and hold the responsible party accountable for the death of your loved one. Contact us at (201) 928-0300.

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There are plenty of wrongful death attorneys in New Jersey. However, at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., our attorneys bring more than nine decades of combined legal experience to each wrongful death case we take on.

Our competent, skillful and experienced attorneys stand by each and everyone of our clients throughout these difficult times. Our attorneys help investigate your case, determine the parties that are liable, identify sources of financial compensation to help offset the out of pocket financial damages already suffered, conduct settlement negotiations and, if necessary, proceed to the litigation phase.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim In New Jersey?

Not everyone in the state of New Jersey is able to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of a relative that has lost their life in an accident. While other states allow relatives of the deceased to file wrongful death claims, in New Jersey only the personal representative, sometimes known as the executor, can file a wrongful death claim. 

In the event that a personal representative was not named by the individual that succumbed, the courts will appoint someone to act as an administrator that can file the lawsuit on the family’s behalf.

What Damages Can Be Recovered In a Wrongful Death Case?

Several damages are available in a wrongful death suit. These damages are intended to help the surviving family members recover and offset the financial support lost caused by the loss of their loved one.

  • Financial Damages Damages associated with the loss of financial support from the death of a loved one can be awarded to surviving family members. Compensation is based on variables including the deceased earning capacity. Financial damages can include compensation to offset the costs associated with medical care, property damage and funeral costs. 
  • Loss of Companionship – Compensation may be awarded to family members and spouses for the pain and suffering associated with loss of companionship. 
  • Loss of Consortium – Damages may be awarded to a surviving spouse for the damages caused in a wrongful death claim. If a defendant is found to have acted in a negligent or tortious manner, the surviving spouse may be awarded damages for the loss of love, companionship, affection, comfort and loss of sexual relations. 

Teaneck wrongful death lawyer

Our Teaneck Wrongful Death Lawyers Represent Surviving Family Members

When you are grieving over the loss of a loved one, the last thing you should have to deal with is a pile of medical bills. We firmly believe that you have suffered enough as a result of negligent behavior. Our Teaneck wrongful death attorneys are committed to helping you uncover compensation.

We have 90 plus years of experience representing the following types of wrongful death claims:

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We know that experiencing a death in the family can be emotionally trying and it may be difficult to think about a lawsuit at this time. However, preserving and collecting as much evidence as possible is essential to the success of your case. The sooner you speak with us about the wrongful death of your loved one, the sooner we can help you build a case and recover financial compensation. In addition to the financial benefits of a lawsuit, you will have the chance to pursue justice on behalf of your loved one.

To contact our experienced Teaneck wrongful death lawyers, call us at (201) 928-0300 or submit our online contact form. Our law firm offers free consultations and we serve Teaneck and the entire state of New Jersey with legal services. We know how difficult these cases can be and our experienced attorneys are here to help every step of the way.