What You Should Do After a New Jersey Ridesharing Accident

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The aftermath of a rideshare accident, such as one involving an Uber or Lyft vehicle, can be confusing and chaotic. Knowing what steps to take after this type of car accident in New Jersey can give you more direction during this overwhelming time. It can also help ensure the protection of your rights as an injured accident victim. If you need assistance filing a claim after a ridesharing accident in New Jersey, contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C.

Get Medical Care

Check yourself for injuries and request immediate medical assistance if you feel pain, see swelling, or notice any other potential signs of an injury. Keep in mind that in the initial few hours after your ridesharing accident, your adrenaline may mask the pain of an injury. If you can, check anyone else who was involved in the accident for injuries and render aid by calling for an ambulance.

Report the Accident to Law Enforcement

Although reporting a car accident to the police is technically a driver’s responsibility, if your rideshare driver does not call 911 from the scene of an accident that caused injuries or more than $500 in apparent property damage, take it upon yourself to notify law enforcement. Obtaining a police report can help you during the insurance claims process by documenting the facts and details of the collision.

Do Not Admit Fault

If you were in another vehicle when a rideshare driver hit you, do not admit fault or apologize for the accident. Although New Jersey is a no-fault state, fault still matters. In a crash that causes severe injuries, the at-fault driver can still be held responsible outside of the no-fault system. During conversations with the police or an insurance claims adjuster, do not make guesses or speculate regarding fault.

Collect Evidence

If you are able to do so, you should collect evidence as you would in any motor vehicle accident while you are still at the scene of the rideshare accident. This can include taking photos of the damage to both vehicles and the scene of the crash as a whole, plus looking around for any traffic or surveillance cameras that may have caught the crash on video. Write down the names and phone numbers of any eyewitnesses. Finally, ask for your police report number so that you can request a copy of the report later.

Notify the Rideshare Company

Use the rideshare app or call the company’s customer service line to report the rideshare accident. The company will most likely request details about the crash, such as a description of what happened and the information of your rideshare driver. You may wish to take screenshots of your rideshare app to capture this information and store it for your records.

File an Insurance Claim

Notify your own car insurance company about the rideshare accident first. If applicable, your insurance provider can seek coverage from the rideshare company’s insurance policy. The two top rideshare companies, Uber and Lyft, both offer up to $1 million in insurance coverage for injured passengers. When speaking to an insurance company, do not agree to give a recorded statement. Before you accept a settlement, contact an attorney to discuss the potential value of your claim.

Contact a New Jersey Rideshare Accident Lawyer

After getting injured in a rideshare accident, you may find that the company tries to avoid liability for your medical bills and losses. In this case, you should contact an attorney in New Jersey as soon as possible. A car accident lawyer can help you understand and protect your rights after a rideshare collision. If necessary, your lawyer can take over negotiations with an insurance company and even bring your case to trial. If you were recently injured in a rideshare accident in New Jersey, contact us to schedule a free consultation.