Types of Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation

If you sustained a workplace injury, you are probably wondering if it is covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Oftentimes, many workers do not know the answers to such questions until it becomes pertinent to their situation. As a general rule of thumb, any injury a worker sustains that is within the scope of his or her employment will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance no matter who was responsible for it.

Understanding What Workers’ Compensation Insurance Covers

There are some injuries that are simply not serious enough to warrant workers’ compensation. If you work in an office and get a papercut while handling some documents, this would probably not qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Other minor scrapes and bruises are also generally not covered. On the other hand, if you suffered a damaged disc in your spine while lifting something, fell and tore your shoulder, or were exposed to a harmful chemical that caused you to suffer from recurring migraines, you would most likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

If your injuries were sustained outside the scope of your employment, workers’ compensation insurance will not cover them. For example, if you were driving to work and got into an accident, your injuries will not be covered since commuting to work is not something that falls within the scope of employment.

Here are some other types of injuries that are covered by workers’ compensation insurance:

  • Cumulative diseases or injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries, or diseases caused by repeated exposure to certain harmful chemicals
  • Injuries sustained in one-time accidents, such as broken bones, head injuries, severe lacerations, and burns are all usually covered
  • In New Jersey, mental health conditions are also covered if the condition developed due to the trauma of sustaining a workplace injury
  • It is important to note that mental health conditions are generally not covered if it arose solely because of work-related stress. Make sure you report your workplace injury as soon as possible and follow proper procedures to ensure nothing compromises your ability to obtain these crucial benefits. You should also make it a priority to seek medical attention after sustaining an injury to ensure everything is thoroughly documented and the insurance company has no reason to doubt the veracity of your claim. However, be advised that, in general, the insurance company will only pay for treatment that has been authorized by them.

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