Reporting Dog Bites in Bergen County

According to the Bergen Country Department of Health Services, it’s important to report dog bites to the local health department as soon as they happen.

Even if an initial dog attack is not too serious, prompt reporting of dog bites can prevent vicious dogs from biting others and causing more serious injuries.

If a dog is deemed potentially dangerous by Bergen Country authorities, the owner will be required to buy a special license, install high and secure fencing, and put warning signs on the property where the dog is kept.

Bergen Country residents should also report to health officials if any stray or unlicensed dogs are on the loose.

If a dog has rabies, reporting the bite can prevent the spread of the disease.

The victim of a bite from a rabid dog must receive prompt treatment to prevent contracting the full-blown disease. By the time the victim displays rabies symptoms, it’s too late for treatment to be effective.

The rabies virus infects the victim’s central nervous system, eventually attacking the brain. It is usually fatal unless treated early. Early symptoms of rabies resemble symptoms of many other common illnesses and include headache, fever, and general weakness or discomfort.

As rabies progresses, symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, confusion, paralysis, hallucination, and fear of water. Death usually occurs within a few days after these more serious symptoms appear.

When a dog bite is reported in Bergen County, the local health officer will check whether the dog has been immunized against rabies. The dog will be quarantined, and if it’s proven rabid then the bite victim will need to have immediate treatment to prevent the spread of the disease.

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