How Long After an Accident Should You File an Injury Claim?

In the immediate aftermath of an unexpected accident or injury, you are undoubtedly caught off guard by the sheer stress and shock of what has just happened to you. Many injured individuals fail to act in time and risk relinquishing their rights to compensation, which is why it is essential for you to file an injury claim within the appropriate time frame. The challenge lies in getting ahead of the slow nature of some injuries, which may not reveal themselves for weeks or months after the incident occurs.

After an accident, the single most important thing for you to consider is the statute of limitations, which is the window of time you have to bring a lawsuit against another party for their actions, or lack thereof. The statute of limitations to file a lawsuit in the state of New Jersey is 2 years from the date of the injury. The sooner you are able to identify your injuries and see a physician, the sooner you can build the framework to successfully fight for your claim. If you are concerned about when to seek medical or legal care, the answer is as immediately as possible. 

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