Halloween Safety Tips

halloween safety tips

Halloween can be a fun holiday for the whole family, but it could also end in a trip to the emergency room if disaster strikes. While you cannot always predict or plan for an injury, you may be able to prevent one from occurring by being proactive about safety. This Halloween, use a few tips to stay free from harm.

Avoid Dangerous Costumes

When planning costumes, especially for children, do not choose a flammable material. Avoid dark colors if your child plans on trick-or-treating, as you want to enhance visibility as much as possible to avoid a pedestrian collision. Opt for face paint or makeup instead of using a mask that might obstruct vision and increase the risk of a trip and fall accident. You can also prevent tripping by making sure a costume fits well.

Teach Children Street Safety

Trick-or-treating on public roads should be preceded by a lesson in Halloween street safety for children and teens. Teach children to always be on the lookout for cars. They should not walk while distracted or looking down at their phones. They should only cross the street using crosswalks and intersections with pedestrian signals. Children should make eye contact with drivers before walking in front of vehicles, even if they have the right-of-way. Whenever possible, children should stick to sidewalks and pedestrian paths. Have trick-or-treaters use reflective tape or carry glowsticks to improve their visibility to drivers.

Be a Safe Driver

If you can, avoid driving on Halloween night. There is an increased risk of drunk drivers as well as pedestrian accidents on Halloween. If you must drive, exercise extra caution. Scan the road for pedestrians and yield the right-of-way to crossing trick-or-treaters. Reduce your speed and prepare to hit the brakes at a moment’s notice if a child darts into the road from between parked cars. Enter and exit driveways slowly and carefully. Do not drive while distracted or intoxicated.

Prepare Your Property

If you expect anyone to enter your property or come to your home for trick-or-treating or a Halloween party, take time to inspect your premises beforehand for potential injury risks. If someone is injured on your property, you could be held responsible for their medical bills. Remove slip or trip and fall hazards, such as a garden hose, wet leaves on sidewalks or obstacles in walkways. Provide a clear, well-lit path to your front door. Keep pets restrained so that they do not jump on or bite visitors.

Practice Fire Safety

Certain elements of Halloween increase the risk of house and structural fires, such as the use of candles in Jack-O-lanterns. Decorate using electronic candles instead of real ones. Avoid the use of open flames wherever possible. If you use a fire pit this time of year, make sure it is a safe distance away from the side of your house and any other structures. Do not wear a costume with hanging sleeves of a flammable fabric.

Check for Choking Hazards

Before your children enjoy the treats they were given, check their haul for potential choking hazards. Not all households may have given out age-appropriate candies. If your child has any allergies, remember to remove those treats, as well. Inspect the candy for red flags, such as items that have already been opened or treats that look homemade. Toss out anything that looks suspicious.

If you or someone in your family suffers an injury this Halloween despite your best efforts to stay safe, contact the personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Hasson, P.C., for a free case consultation about your legal options. You may be eligible for financial compensation.