113 New Jersey Cases Yield Recoveries over $1 Million

Nov 26, 2015 | Personal Injury

According to a study by the New Jersey Legal Almanac, 113 cases produced jury verdicts or settlements of $1 million or more during the period from August 1, 2012, to July 31, 2013. The number...

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Over 16 Million Vehicles Recalled in 2012

Nov 25, 2015 | Personal Injury

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 16.2 million vehicles were subject to manufacturer recalls during 2012. The NHTSA claims to have had a “significant role” in over 9 million of those recalls....

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New Jersey Residents Injured During Robot Surgery

Nov 24, 2015 | Personal Injury

Sheena Wilson, 45, suffered a serious injury during robotic surgery for a hysterectomy. Wilson, a mother of two from Parlin, New Jersey, suffered a burn to her rectum and is now on long-term disability and...

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Jury Orders NJ Company to Pay $700,000 to Injured State Trooper

Nov 23, 2015 | Personal Injury

After a four-day trial, a Philadelphia jury recently awarded $700,000 to a Pennsylvania State trooper who was injured when her vehicle was rear-ended by a van operated by a New Jersey company. Joanne Dragotta was...

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Hybrids and Electric Vehicles to be Noisier

Nov 20, 2015 | Personal Injury

One of the cool things about electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids such as the Toyota Prius that have gas engines that shut off when not needed is how eerily quiet they are. The National Highway...

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